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Our philosophy
The professionals who make up our company have aquired vast experience in Change Management and Business Reorganisation with a view to optimising the use of resources. This experience, which has been aquired over the last twenty years, both internationally and in Italy, working with the most reputable consultancy companies, has evolved into O’Donnell & Associates.

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The reason that we make the difference and set ourselves apart from other consultants is that instead of simply leaving our clients a written report at the end of the project, we work alongside them to put into practice the proposals which have been formulated during the Definition and Development phases.

We develop the managerial capacity of the supervisors and managers and the sales skills of the salesforce of our clients through personalised training courses.

Right from the first weeks of our intervention we work in such a way that productivity increases, and, as a consequence, the profitability of the business increases.

Working on the "Internal Quality" and installing a "Zero Defects" enviroment we improve Product Quality and Customer Service.

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Phase 1 - Unfreeze
The current situation of our clients is defined through a series of interviews, Statistical Analyses and Operational Analyses on the floor.

Based on the results obtained from the Definition Phase, we organise and manage personalised managerial and commercial training courses, both to improve the company culture and to prepare the managers and the salesforce for the changes of the Implementation Phase.

Together with our clients we establish the objectives to be reached during the change and the relative strategy to be used.
Phase 2 - Change
Once the current situation has been defined, we work together with the managers to develop better systems to utilise the company's resources.
We work side by side with our clients while the changes that are necessary to reach the established objectives are installed.
Phase 3 - Freeze
Follow Up
Once the Implementation Phase has been completed , we reduce our presence and prepare a coordinator to assure that the managers and salesforce of our clients have a perfect ownership of the changes that have been implemented.

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Our fundamental belief is that, however well a company is managed, it often only uses about 50% of the capacity of its resources such as:

Cash Flow

We work with our clients to recover at least half of the unused potential and to strengthen their presence on their markets.

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Usually our projects would give a Return On Investment from 200% to 400% thanks to the following improvments:

Increased market share
Productivity increase of 20-25%
Significant Increase in the efficency of the areas and machine utilisation
Reduction in the costs of energy and other utilities
Improved Communications
Reduction in the costs of stocks
Increased material yeld
Improved Quality at significantly lower costs

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